Clinton Street Bridge Update

Construction on the new Clinton Street bridge is expected to begin in February, 2019 by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Watch here for latest news on the Bridge project.

“Bridging the Gap” raffle tickets are still available! You could have the opportunity to be the  the first person over the new bridge!

Tickets are $10 and are available at the DDVB office and all city offices! Proceeds from this raffle will benefit the DDVB’s beautification initiative.

Download and print a detour map.

02/25/2019:  The Clinton Street Bridge has officially closed for 9 months.  Sensory Effects Powder Systems has graciously agreed to allow a camera to be mounted on their facility on the north side of the Maumee River for a view of the Clinton Street bridge. The camera provides a new image every 15 minutes, but we suggest to refresh your screen to be sure you’re viewing the newest image.  This is a great way to view the progress of the bridge replacement.

Here’s a link to the camera:

03/15/2019:  Good progress made during first weeks of Clinton Street bridge project
The following is an update regarding the progress of the Clinton Street bridge project, downtown Defiance. The $8.3 million project will completely replace the bridge which carries state Routes 15, 18 and 66 over the Maumee River. The bridge closed Feb. 25, 2019 for approximately nine months. The project is scheduled for completion July 2020.

What’s happening now and in coming days . . .
The river level is up but work continues on the project.
Working from north to south, crews are removing span four of the bridge deck and expect to remove the second pier perhaps as soon as this week. Concrete from the piers will be processed and used to continue construction of a causeway along the bridge’s west side.
Mobilization of equipment needed to drive steel piling will occur this week. The piling will support a retaining wall along a shared use path that will be constructed on the north side of the river beneath the bridge. The path will provide access to Pontiac Park for pedestrians and bicyclists.
ODOT and city officials plan to meet this Thursday to discuss any needed adjustments to traffic signal timings to facilitate better traffic flow and any other issues related to the project.
What’s been done . . .
Sidewalks, decorative lighting, bridge rails and parapets (low, protective wall along the edge of the bridge) have been removed.
A causeway to provide workers and equipment access to the bridge from the river continues to be constructed on the west side of the bridge.
From north to south, spans six and five have been removed and the first pier has been demolished.

On Deck . . .
questions of curiosity from observers of the project

Q. The bridge plans call for the sidewalk on the west side of the bridge to be 10 feet wide while the sidewalk on the east side is only eight. Why?
A. In the past, ODOT’s crews have needed to restrict traffic to accommodate the equipment used in the annual inspection of the bridge, and when clearing debris accumulated around the base of the bridge piers. The wider sidewalk will accommodate the equipment and allow this work to take place with minimal impact to traffic.

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