Oxbow Lake (c) Mary Fry Comden

Oxbow Lake and Wildlife Area

oxbow lakeOxbow Lake lies 10 miles northwest of the city of Defiance, and can be accessed from State Route 15 at Schick Road. Fish of Interest for Anglers include Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Green sunfish and Bullhead.  The operation of watercraft with any motor is permitted but at idle speed only without creating a wake. There is a small boat launch located on the northern shore of the lake.


The Oxbow Lake Wildlife Area is a 416-acre area situated in the glaciated lake plain of Ohio and has a slightly rolling topography. Some steep land lies adjacent to Mud Creek, which bisects the area. Large cottonwoods and sycamores are found along Mud Creek. The upland woods consist mostly of oaks and hickories.  Migrating shorebirds and songbirds can be observed utilizing the lake edges and woodlots during spring and fall. Other types of wildlife such as tree swallows and great blue herons make Oxbow Lake their home territory for the summer months.

A shotgun range for paper and clay targets only is also located on the area.


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